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Jewelry Repair

Our designer goldsmiths repair and redesign your jewelry right here in our stores, regardless of its age or where it was purchased. We use only the finest techniques and materials to ensure your jewelry will last a lifetime. The services we offer include ring-sizing, stone tightening, ring-shank replacement, jewelry refinishing, soldering, engraving, and pearl restringing

Watch Repair

Our in-house watchmakers can perform precision Swiss watch repairs, strap replacements, simple battery replacements, polishing of cases, crystals and bracelets, water-pressure testing and time-keeping, among other services.

Jewelry Appraisals

At The Diamond Cellar, we go to great lengths to produce accurate and informative appraisals that will last years to come. All appraisals are performed by GIA Certified Graduate Gemologists and are backed by over 70 years of industry-leading experience.

1. Conception

A designer goldsmith will listen to your inspirations and desires and translate them into a concept, and eventually a finished sketch, of your custom design.

2. Rendering

Using a computer aided design software, a 3D rendering is created.

3. Molding

The craftsman then creates a wax carving or uses a 3D printer to make an exact replica of your design. This is then used to create a mold so the form of your ring can state to take shape.

4. Casting

During this step, the wax is burned away and replaced with precious platinum, gold or silver. The actual metal form of your jewelry is revealed, and the craftsman can begin to add the beautiful gemstones.

5. Stone Setting

Gemstones are carefully selected and matched to create perfect symmetry as well as ensure consistency in size, weight and color.

6. Hand-finishing

At this stage, intricate details are added by the goldsmith where needed, final finishing is done and the piece is hand-polished and cleaned.

7. Delivery

From ideas and inspirations to a beautiful custom-designed piece, our goldsmiths have made your piece a reality. Now it's yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

Work With Us

Fill out the form below to request a jewelry, watch repair, appraisal, or custom design. Our team of designer goldsmiths will get back with you shortly to bring your vision to life.

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