Over 30 Years with Rolex Our History

For over 70 years, Diamond Cellar has remained unsurpassed as Columbus, Ohio’s premier family-owned and operated luxury retail jeweler. When Robert Johnson opened the doors to his jewelry repair in 1947, he was driven by a deep passion for excellence. It is that same quality that has always drawn the most discerning individuals to Rolex, and Diamond Cellar is proud to hold the title of Official Rolex Jeweler for over 30 years. Home to a large selection of Rolex timepieces, Diamond Cellar has direct access to the most sought-after Rolex models thanks to the long withstanding partnership with the iconic brand.

Diamond Cellar 1947


We didn't start as a retail jeweler. Our founder, Robert Johnson established Robert W Johnson Incorporated, later known as the Diamond Cellar, as a trade shop in 1947. The original shop on north High Street above Kresge’s Five and Dime did jewelry repairs and alterations for retailers that didn’t have their own craftspeople.

Diamond Cellar 1980


In 1980, R. Andrew Johnson expanded Diamond Cellar to the Henderson Road location in Columbus, Ohio. It is then the partnership between Rolex and Diamond Cellar began.

Diamond Cellar 1980
Diamond Cellar 1998


In 1998, Diamond Cellar moved to our current location on Sawmill Road in Dublin, Ohio. Boasting three floors and over 20,000 square feet of luxury shopping with an entire section of the second floor dedicated to Rolex.

Diamond Cellar 2001


In 2001, Diamond Cellar expanded in Columbus by adding a second store to the newly built Easton Town Center. This physical expansion also reflected in the deepening of our partnership with the iconic brand Rolex by building an area dedicated to Rolex timepieces.

Diamond Cellar 2001
Diamond Cellar 2007


2007 found Diamond Cellar expanding once more by acquiring a family-owned jewelry store named Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels. Bruce G. Weber had been an established Rolex Authorized Dealer for many years and the longstanding partnership continues to this day.

Diamond Cellar 2015


Diamond Cellar at Easton Town Center enhanced the Rolex presentation by creating a Rolex corner for clients to experience the same environment they would see in a Rolex Boutique. This newly designed area showcases over 100 timepieces, a private consultation area and dedicated staff to answer all of your Rolex questions and needs.

Diamond Cellar 2016
Diamond Cellar 2016


Diamond Cellar at Sawmill Road followed the success of our Easton location by increasing the space of the Rolex area and moving them to the first floor after remodeling the entire showroom. The new area also features a private consultation room and dedicated Rolex-trained staff.

Diamond Cellar 2020


After expressing interest in expanding Diamond Cellar into new areas, President, Alex Johnson, set his sights on Nashville. Through years of developing relationships with several luxury brands, the Nashville location opened it's doors in early 2020 to bring a family-owned luxury jeweler, and one-of-a-kind Rolex shopping experience, to the area.

Diamond Cellar 2020