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The Haute List

With bracelet stacks trending for quite some time now, these variations are ones we geek over! Pairing a delicate diamond slider like this one from designer Penny Preville, with a larger link chain bracelet draws some major attention!

This isn't your typical stacking of bangles here ladies...this is fun, playful, and gives tons of movement.

Let's be honest here... we ALL want versatility. Picking smart pieces and building your jewelry wardrobe doesn't always need to be cringe-worthy once you think about $. The key to building is picking pieces that can be worn alone, stacked, twists on classics (like this LAGOS gold link chain bracelet with caviar detailing) dressed up or down, and fit trending fashion.

After all, fashion trends cycle about every 10 years with minor variations to them. Some of our favorite pieces are inspired by jewelry from past decades. Don't be afraid and have some fun. Be bold, be beautiful, and be the trendsetter in your circle! 

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