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Jewelry Meets Art | Meet Stephen Webster

Renowned British designer Stephen Webster captures the imagination of curious minds. His designs are bold, cutting edge, and often unpredictable while still being firmly rooted in craftsmanship. On his work, Stephen notes, “The maverick pieces that tick all the boxes for fine jewelry and craftsmanship but also have the nerve to be unusual and from left field, may seem outrageous and audacious at first…but they are the ones people tend to remember.”

A forward-thinking and freewheeling designer, Stephen’s inspirations come from subjects as diverse as the pop culture iconography of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album cover, Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” or reinterpreting the plumage of England’s game birds. This is fine jewelry-as-story-telling at its most colorful and imaginative. Starting behind the bench at age 16, Stephen’s legacy is some 40 years in the making. His version of what jewelry can be - a micro art form - defines the ‘dare to be different style’ that built a reputation for the brand and Webster as a jewelry designer.

Come meet the man behind the designs, Stephen Webster, at our Sawmill Road and Easton Town Center stores November 1 & 2.

Thursday, November 1 - Sawmill Road – 4pm - 7pm

Friday, November 2 - Easton Town Center – 4pm - 7pm