Artists in Residence - Peggy Kriha Dye - Diamond Cellar

Artists in Residence - Peggy Kriha Dye

We invited three celebrated Columbus creatives to design a piece of jewelry that could ultimately benefit their organizations.

Meet Peggy Kriha Dye, General & Artistic Director of Opera Columbus. Peggy worked with one of our world-class designers to create a necklace inspired by the aria in La Boheme, Opera Columbus and sheet music. The necklace was auctioned off this past March at the Opera Columbus Gala!⁣

This longtime singer has performed with noteworthy opera companies and orchestras across the globe, winning praise for her work on stages from San Francisco to Versailles to Shanghai. Recently honored by Musical America as a “Movers and Shapers” Professional of the Year, she is working to reshape your perception of opera.

Learn about the necklace:⁣
Inspired by the unforgettable aria in “La Boheme,” this piece is simple, modern and sexy. Made of 14k white gold, it includes four clusters of diamonds to signify the four cascading notes of the aria and a rose pearl to represent Opera Columbus. (While diamonds are synonymous with opera in general, the pink color of the rose pearl is specific to Opera Columbus.) The aria is depicted in more detail on the reverse side of the piece, which includes stylized bars reminiscent of sheet music.

 Learn more about Peggy:⁣

Q: You’re working to make opera more relevant in today’s world. How so?

A: I am passionate about making opera relevant by making it accessible. Our brand is “Make it Yours.” Dress in jeans or a gown, tweet and post during the show, applaud when you’re moved without intimidation. We have infused technology, modern sound, and film into our productions. Our creative teams rethink the classics to appeal to a younger audience without jeopardizing the majestic quality of opera.

Q: Why are the arts important? 

A: The arts act as an unbiased connector between culture, race, gender and age.

When other attempts to heal won’t work, the arts will break through.  

Q: Most interesting thing you’ve recently seen, heard or read? 

A: I’ve recently finished a collection of articles by the Harvard Business Review on mental toughness. They were practical and extremely empowering. 

Q: Ultimate Columbus Saturday? 

A: Sleeping in, coffee and a treat at Pistacia Vera, a long swim at the gym and a game of Monopoly with my kids and our friends… with me winning!

Q: If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be, and what would you do?

A: Somewhere in the Caribbean, there is a bartender at a Tiki bar who works part-time so she can spend the rest of the day at the beach with a pina colada… 

Q: What is the most meaningful piece of jewelry you own, and why?

A: My mother gave me a simple and beautiful ring—a thin gold band with a long row of baguette diamonds. When I adopted my son, she took it off her finger and put it on mine telling me how proud she was.

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