7MM Titanium Ring - Brushed Center and Round Edge

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Special Order

This product is currently out of stock in-store, but we will place a special order with the designer brand just for you! Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.
Design Number: 11-3300T-L.00_07.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-L.00_07.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-L.00_07.50
Design Number: 11-3300T-L.00_08.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_08.50
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_09.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_09.50
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_10.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_10.50
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_11.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_11.50
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_12.00
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_12.50
Design Number: 11-3300T-G.00_13.00
  • Comfort Fit rings have a rounded interior specifically designed for the most comfortable all-day wear.
  • Titanium - strong yet lightweight and hypoallergenic.  Comfortable and easy to wear every day.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Triton wants to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our jewelry. All Triton rings are covered by the Forever Fit Limited Warranty.

    In addition to being warranted against imperfections in design, material, and/or workmanship, Triton rings will be replaced if the original owner’s finger size ever changes. Simply see your Triton retailer, Triton warranty card or contact Customer Care at 1-888-465-3817 for specific details.