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Watch Review - TAG Heuer Autavia Heritage

July 26, 2017

  TAG Heuer - Heritage Autavia 42mm Automatic


     On my wrist this week is the 2017 TAG Heuer Autavia—a blissful combination of Heuer’s historical aesthetic coupled with the watchmaking innovations of today. The Autavia has garnered a cult following since its inception in 1962 which means it came as no surprise to the watchmaking community in 2016 when TAG Heuer announced a re-issue of their famed model. However, one of the most innovative aspects of this reference lies within the tale of its creation.

     In 2016, TAG Heuer announced to their watch-enthusiast fan base that they would crowd-source the design of the new Autavia. Throughout the year, 50,000 fans decided between ten iterations of the Autavia watch. The final rendition came to closely resemble the “Rindt” Autavia (known for being worn by the famous F1 racer, Jochen Rindt).

     The new Autavia is housed in a 42mm case—slightly larger than its original 38.5mm. Additionally, the watch is powered with the Heuer-02 proprietary chronograph calibre. The self-winding movement, 80-hour power reserve, date and its water resistance help bring this vintage-inspired watch into the twenty-first century.

     Specifications aside, one of the most impressive (and important) aspects of this watch is how great it looks under the cuff. This watch looks right at home in jeans and a tee-shirt as well as under a tweed suit. More importantly, the distribution has been kept rather tight so if you happen to be one of the few gentleman to pick up the new Autavia, the odds of you running into another on the street are slim to none.



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