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Bruno Mars Concert Tickets Giveaway | Presented by Raymond Weil

August 24, 2017

Bruno Mars Concert Tickets Giveaway | Presented by Raymond Weil


I would venture to say that there are very few families out there that enjoy music as  much as mine. In his youth, my father owned a record label and my brother and I spent our entire childhood (and early adult lives) chasing record deals with different bands. When we’re not at work or on the road for meetings, you can oftentimes find us at a concert at any of the local concert halls. 

Similarly, the Raymond Weil family have been long-time supporters of the music industry. In only a few short years they’ve entered into exclusive partnerships with The Beatles, David Bowie, Gibson Guitars, and Universal Music Group. They create limited-edition watches to commemorate some of musics biggest icons, and the references become some of the most highly-coveted in their category!

Needless to say, when we found a family whose passion for music rivaled our own we were very excited to partner on a venture with one another. Together, The Diamond Cellar and Raymond Weil Timepieces is giving away a pair of tickets to Bruno Mars’s concert on September 20th. The only thing you need to do to win the pair of tickets is simply show up at The Raymond Weil counter at any Diamond Cellar location and fill out a customer information card!

When you’re at the counter, you will most-likely want to try on one (or several) of Raymond Weil’s Swiss-made timepieces. If you're like me, you’ll gravitate to the new Buddy Holly Maestro reference that just hit the stores last month. It is by far one of my favorite watches to come out this year and it has gotten rave reviews from industry collectors! 


We look forward to seeing you in the store for your chance to win tickets to the Bruno Mars concert!

Alex Johnson 


  • Diamond Cellar
    Dublin/Sawmill Store (614) 336-4545
  • Diamond Cellar
    Easton Town Center (614) 923-6633
  • Store 5a
    765 North High St. Suite A
    COLUMBUS, OH 43215 (614) 961-4114
  • Store 5a
    Easton Market
    3985 Morse Crossing (614) 454-4565
  • Bruce. G Weber Precious Jewels (918) 749-1700