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Hermes | History & Timepieces

September 06, 2017

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The name ‘Hermes’ does not typically carry with it connotations of fine luxury timepieces. However, for an increasing number of fashion-forward women, Hermes timepieces are becoming the must-have watch for everyday wear. Since 1837, Hermes of Paris—a family owned company—has been a world-renowned fashion house specializing in leather and silk accessories. Their bags, scarves, ties and perfumes have gained them worldwide fame—enviable by even the largest luxury conglomerates.

Recently, a great deal of focus in both the watch industry and the luxury industry writ-large has turned to Hermes timepieces. This is largely due to the fact that Hermes timepieces—though made by hand with the most-choice leathers and in-house manufacturer movements—start at a price point lower than most all of their peers in the luxury watch market. 

What’s more, when it comes to haute couture fashion houses, Hermes carries with it an unrivaled international cache. Customers from all across the world flock to their maisons to collect bags, scarves, ties and now their watches. 

Since Hermes’ history begins with saddlery and equestrian leather goods, we decided to take some of our favorite watches to the a local horse farm, Limerick Lane Farm, for a photoshoot. There, we rode horses and photographed the watches all around the farm. Below are images of our day at the farm, as well as our personal favorite ladies Hermes timepieces. 


Alex Johnson 


Limerick Lane Farm Photoshoot



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