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Diamond Cellar Joins the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer with Nationwide Children’s Hospital

September 04, 2015


Clean out your jewelry boxes, Ladies. It's time to have your broken pieces repaired, and join us in the fight against pediatric cancer!

The Diamond Cellar is honored to contribute 5% of all jewelry repairs from September 8 through September 30, to support research and care taking place in Hematology, Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplantation at Nationwide Children’s.

Meet Caroline, Our Patient Champion
Now an active six year old, Caroline Johnson received her last treatment for a rare cancer of the liver called hepatoblastoma in July 2010. Diagnosed with Stage IV hepatoblastoma at 15 months of age, Caroline appeared to be a healthy baby when she was born in the fall of 2008. However, at just two weeks old, Caroline was being treated for acid reflux and as a toddler began suffering from several recurrent illnesses, including respiratory infections and ear infections. It was after Caroline’s parents, Leighanne and Aaron, noticed a mass in Caroline’s abdomen that they immediately took her to their family pediatrician where an x-ray revealed a slightly enlarged liver. The following day, Caroline was brought to Nationwide Children’s Hospital Urgent Care and after several tests, Leighanne and Aaron learned Caroline’s diagnosis.
Although the tumor was inoperable because of its size, overtaking two-thirds of Caroline’s liver, the chemotherapy treatment proved effective and Caroline was able to undergo surgery. Eighty-five percent of her liver was removed, as well as her gallbladder and five lymph nodes. Because there were still active cancer cells in her liver, Caroline resumed three more rounds of chemotherapy, with her last treatment taking place just before second birthday.
Caroline now is the Patient Champion for Diamond Cellar, on behalf of Nationwide Children’s.

No broken jewelry? No problem. You can still make a donation to Nationwide Children's Hospital by clicking the button below. Under additional information, be sure to "donate on behalf of a company" and enter "Diamond Cellar."
Read the full article on Diamond Cellar's partnership with Nationwide Children's Hospital here.
For more information about the Diamond Cellar’s support for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, contact Ben Kozberg, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, (614) 355-5426.



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