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Why would anyone buy a Rolex?

October 22, 2014

Recently, the question was posed...

"Why would anyone buy a Rolex watch?"

Daniel Gordon, fourth generation jeweler and Social Media Planner / Sales Associate at the Diamond Cellar, promptly chimed in with a response.  We may be biased but we think he's brilliant - here's why you should buy a Rolex:
"I have sold Rolex for almost 20 years. All I can say is, if you appreciate art, you can appreciate a fine timepiece. The mechanical movement that is powered by your body movement energy speaks to so much more than placing a power cell in a piece of circuitry. Don't get me wrong, I think Quartz movements are a marvel as far as inventions go. But when you sit back and think about all that goes on inside a mechanical watch, you can't help but think about the utter genius that went into designing such accurate (non-electronic) pieces of horological art.

The mechanism which powers a fine timepieces is a fascinating piece of machinery, just as all the digital engineering it takes to create a computer small enough to wear on your wrist or batter powered timepiece.  I encourage you to go out and learn about complications and movements inside fine timepieces such as annual calendars, perpetual calendars, minute repeaters and more. Horology is an art-form. Some will appreciate it more than others. And, I have respect for those who don't, as well as those who do. Think about it for a moment. 

It's basically a computer without an electric power source."



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