Meet Michael Bondanza!

Michael Bondanza will be at our Sawmill Rd location with an expanded collection of unique ready-to-wear coin jewelry to choose from. You can also use a coin that was passed down or is sentimental to create your own stylish piece to wear and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15th: 2pm - 5pm
Thursday, August 16th: 10am - 2pm

Call 614.336.4545 if you would like to schedule an appointment!

Michael Bondanza is a gifted designer with a passion for art and jewelry. His innovative designs and imaginative concepts utilize a complex interplay of platinum and gold metals. A self-taught artisan, his work has a timeless sophistication that caters to a discerning clientele. Each piece is custom made in the heart of New York City and the collections bear the name of iconic NYC areas. The Bondanza approach to jewelry is one that centers on a high degree of craftsmanship while expressing unique and inspired designs.


Michael's innate ability to create timeless jewelry is evident in each of his designs. Yet he continues to perfect his craft and can often be found at his bench implementing new ideas and experimenting with new techniques.