Don't trust your jewelry and watch repairs to just anyone

At the Diamond Cellar, we have a long history of craftsmanship that continues today. We are jewelers in the true sense of the word, as we still manufacture and repair right here in our store. A few of the services we offer include:

Ring Sizing

For ring sizings, we use a dovetail technique to create a much stronger joint versus a simple straight butt joint. It takes skill and some extra time, but we feel it's important. We also offer beads, bars, springs and fingermates when they're the best solution.

Ring Shank Replacement

Full and half shanks can be replaced right here using the finest materials.


From a simple chain repair to fixing a clasp, your jewelry never has to leave our store.

Laser Welding

Our high-tech laser welder is extremely precise. Utilizing the same technology used for critical eye surgery, the welder allows us to work directly adjacent to precious gemstones with no fear of overheating them. And because it fuses the metal, it creates an incredibly strong bond.

Stone Tightening

Maintaining the integrity of your jewelry is important. Stone tightening keeps your gemstones secure.

Ring Retipping/Head Replacement

If your ring is showing signs of wear, we can retip the head or replace it, as needed.

Ring Refinishing

From simple polishing to rhodium plating, we'll have your jewelry looking like new again.

Pearl Restringing

You should have your pearls restrung every three to five years, depending on use. We offer pearl restringing with or without knots, right here in our store.


We offer hand engraving and machine engraving for everything from rings to lockets.

Watch Service

From simple battery replacements to precision Swiss watch repairs and overhauls, you can trust our expert watchmakers with your fine timepiece. Most service can be done right here in our store.

Custom Design

We are fortunate to have some of the best designer goldsmiths in the country working right here at the Diamond Cellar. They can handle anything from a custom wedding band to fit your engagement ring to a totally unique piece from scratch. From sketch to wax to final product, it's a fun experience you'll never forget.

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